Career Opportunities

There will be occasional recruitment into the Service for positions requiring the relevant economics and policy analysis skills.

Economist/Policy Analyst (AP) Recruitment 2018

The 2018 campaign for the recruitment of Economist/Policy Anlaysts (AP) was launched 12/01/2018. The information booklet for this role is available here.

The closing date for applications is 01/02/2018. All applications for this role as well as any queries that you might have in relation to the recruitment process, can be directed to the Public Appointment Service. The advertisement for the role can be found on or by clicking here.

We would encourage all those with an interest in the role to apply and we wish you all the best of luck.

IGEES Graduate Economist and Evaluator Campaign 2017

IGEES recruits graduate economists annually.

Unfortunately the closing date for the 2017 campaign has now passed. We thank you for your interest in a career with IGEES.

To ensure that you are informed about job opportunities within IGEES, register with the Public Appointments Service here, and receive regular updates of upcoming recruitment campaigns.

For more information about the type of Graduate roles available, you can read testimonials from current IGEES staff here.


Secondary Schools and Universities

IGEES is available to talk to secondary schools, colleges and universities about how evidence is used in developing public policy and career opportunities for economists and evaluators in IGEES and the civil service.

If you are interested in a free career talk for your secondary school or university, please contact

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