IGEES Annual Conference 2018

The 5th IGEES Annual Conference was held last Thursday 14th June, in the Hibernia Conference Centre in Dublin Castle. This conference gives us the opportunity to showcase the work that is carried out by IGEES staff across the whole of the civil service. It also brings together people from not only the civil service but the wider academic and international community.

This year’s keynote speaker was Mr Pete Fontaine, formerly of the US Congressional Budget Office, who gave a very insightful talk on what the work of the US CBO is and how it interacts with the US political system.

The conference featured presentations on Brexit, Discount Rate Calculation, Productivity and Youth Justice Policy, among others. All presenters were very well received and all were followed by lively debate. The Conference was closed by Minister for Finance and Public Expenditure & Reform, Paschal Donohoe

  1. Government Economic Analysis & Budget Policy Evaluation – A Perspective Based on U.S. Congressional Experience by Pete Fontaine
  2. Patterns of Firm Level Productivity in Ireland by Luke Rehill, Department of Finance
  3. Brexit Import Analysis by Cliona McDonnell, Department of Finance
  4. The Financial Crisis and the Changing Profile of Martgage Arrears in Ireland by Mike Fahy, Department of Finance
  5. The Elasticity of Taxable Income by Brian Stanley. Office of the Revenue Commissioners
  6. Sustained Employment Following Live Register Episodes by Hugh Cronin, Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection
  7. Improving Patient Engagement with a Behaviourally Informed Letter by Robert Murphy, Department of Health
  8. Social Impact Assessment Framework by Chris Boyle, Department of Public Expedniture and Reform
  9. Implementing a VMPR in Human Services by Louise Fitzpatrick & Stephen Shannon, Department of Children and Youth Affairs
  10. Looking Outwards and Inwards – Two Examples of Assembling Evidence to Inform irish Youth Justice Policy and Practiceby John Reddy & Deirdre Fullerton, University of Limerick
  11. Research on Central Technical Parameters by Sean Prior, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform
  12. Common Appraisal Framework by Neil Gannon, Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport
  13. Planning Land Use and Transport – Outlook 2040 by Alan Scarlett & Tomás Campbell, Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport