LGBTI+ Capacity Building Evaluation Report

This report presents an evaluation of the LGBTI+ Capacity Building Grant Programme, delivered annually by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) as per Objective 7 of the LGBTI+ National Youth Strategy 2018-2020. The programme aims to support organisations that work directly with young people, in improving their understanding of and ability to engage with the key issues faced by LGBTI+ youth. An evaluation of the Programme was requested by the LGBTI+ Youth Strategy Team in January 2021, and delivered by the DCEDIY Research and Evaluation Unit (REU) between February and April 2021.

The evaluation was based on survey responses received from a total of 65 individuals: 45 from grant recipient organisations and 20 from organisations that participated in grant-funded initiatives. Survey respondents represented 56 organisations: 38 grant recipients organisations and 18 participating organisations.

The results indicate that almost all respondents agreed that the initiative improved participants’ understanding of and ability to engage with LGBTI+ young people, and helped to change professional practices. The majority also felt that in order to be more effective, the capacity building initiatives will require further dialogue and training, with many grant recipients highlighting the need for ongoing, multiannual, long-term or mainstreamed funding to enhance the impact of the initiative. The majority of participants commented on the need for more support around engaging with LGBTI+ youth with disabilities and/or mental health issues, and the need for more LGBTI+ awareness and education in schools.

The findings in the attached evaluation report will help inform the direction of future funding for the DCEDIY’s LGBTI+ Youth Capacity Building Grant Programme.

The full report is available here

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