PEIU Focussed Policy Assessments

The PEIU is undertaking a series of Focussed Policy Assessments on key prevention and early interventions supported by public resources.  The approach is to describe each intervention by following a common structure:

  • Rationale for the intervention;
  • Public resources provided to support the delivery of the intervention;
  • Outputs and services provided; and
  • Achievements of the intervention relative to its stated goal.

As a whole, this series of descriptive reports provides the evidential base for a thematic consideration of prevention and early interventions in Ireland:

  • Immunisation – an intervention that seeks to produce immunity to potentially life threatening or life limiting diseases and their associated complications
    PEIU FPA Series – Immunisation
  • Aftercare – an intervention that supports young people in preparing to leave State care and making the transition to adulthood and independent living
    PEIU FPA Series Aftercare
  • Diabetic RetinaScreen – an intervention that focuses on the early detection of diabetic retinopathy, a major cause of blindness among adults in Ireland
    PEIU FPA Series Diabetic RetinaScreen

As subsequent Focussed Policy Assessment are finalised, they will be uploaded to this website.