PEIU Focussed Policy Assessments

The PEIU is undertaking a series of Focused Policy Assessments on key prevention and early interventions supported by public resources.  The approach is to describe each intervention by following a common structure:

  • Rationale for the intervention;
  • Public resources provided to support the delivery of the intervention;
  • Outputs and services provided; and
  • Achievements of the intervention relative to its stated goal.

As a whole, this series of descriptive reports provides the evidential base for a thematic consideration of prevention and early interventions in Ireland:


  • Family Services Supporting Children and their Parents – For the most part, parents find raising children a positive and fulfilling experience and children identify a close bond with their parents and are happy in their families.  However, parenting can be challenging and sometimes parents need support and advice.  The focus of this paper is on Ireland’s National Child and Family Agency, Tusla, and its work, in partnership with families, other agencies and professionals, to identify the needs of children and support the provision of a range of services that address the needs of children and their families.

PEIU FPA Series – Family Services Supporting Children and their Families

  • Programmatic Interventions for Children, Young People and their Parents – There is an increasing focus on developing public policy in ways that support and improve the well-being of children and this paper brings together a wide range of evidenced-based universal and targeted services for children, young people and their families focused on supporting: parenting, child behaviour and children’s learning.

PEIU FPA Series – Programmatic Interventions for Children Young People and their Parents

  • Prevention and Early Interventions Supporting Health and Well-Being in Older Age – A focus on supporting health and well-being in older age is not simply about the absence of disease and infirmity.  Instead, it is about a person’s complete physical, mental and social well-being.   This paper seeks to illustrate how a prevention and early intervention approach to designing and implementing policies, might be useful in supporting positive health and well-being outcomes for older people.

PEIU FPA Series – PEI Supporting Health and Well being in older age



  • Immunisation – an intervention that seeks to produce immunity to potentially life threatening or life limiting diseases and their associated complications

PEIU FPA Series – Immunisation

  • Aftercare – an intervention that supports young people in preparing to leave State care and making the transition to adulthood and independent living

PEIU FPA Series Aftercare

  • Diabetic RetinaScreen – an intervention that focuses on the early detection of diabetic retinopathy, a major cause of blindness among adults in Ireland

PEIU FPA Series Diabetic RetinaScreen

  • Education Welfare – interventions that seek to support students in addressing impediments to their education that have the potential to prevent them from deriving appropriate benefit from their education.

PEIU FPA Series Educational Welfare

  • Early Learning and Childcare – interventions that seek to support the development of children including having beneficial impacts for their families in terms of employment, household income and affordability of early learning and childcare.

PEIU FPA Series Early Learning and Childcare

As subsequent Focused Policy Assessment are finalised, they will be uploaded to this website.