This page contains papers from across government departments that deal with the response to Covid-19 and the impacts that it has on various sectors of the Irish economy.

This page will be updated with new publications as they become available.


The Initial Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Ireland’s Labour Market

Updated 18/05/2020

Summary of Comments by the Sub-group on Behavioural Change on the content and design of the COVID-19 Contact Tracing App

Literature Review Digital Contact Tracing: Benefits and Enablers

Profile of Smartphone Ownership and Use in Ireland

COVID Contact Tracing App: User Perspectives and Experience Research

Refining Tracker App content with user experience, expert review and an experimental study

A high frequency model of the COVID-19 pandemic

Balancing Work and Care during the Covid 19 Pandemic: a review of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs ‘Golden Hour’ initiative

Health Service Personal Protection Equipment Demand & Expenditure Estimation 2021

These papers have been prepared by the IGEES staff in each respective department. The views presented in these papers do not represent the official views of their department of origin or the Minister for that Department.