Social Impact Assessment

Social Impact Assessment is defined as an evidence-based methodology which attempts to assess the impact of policy on households’ financial positions.

The assessment can be quantitative, measuring the change in incomes as a result of policy or qualitative, offering a description of how policies affect households’ financial positions. Within the proposed framework, households may be broken down into different groups based on income, economic status, household composition (e.g. children), and age.

Papers published as part of the Social Impact Assessment Series will be listed below as they are published:


SIA Series – Specialist Disability Services for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Published with Budget 2019:

SIA – Female Labour Force Participation

SIA Series – Targeted Childcare Programmes

SIA Series – Social Housing Supports

SIA – National Minimum Wage

SIA – Assessment of Living Standards in Recovery Period


Social Impact Assessment Framework 2016

Social Impact Assessment Series Paper – General Medical Services Scheme 2016

Social Impact Assessment Series Paper Targeted Childcare Scheme 2016