Value For Money Review Initiative

Objectives of VFMR Process:

Expenditure programmes are subject to review under the established system of Value for Money and Policy Reviews (VFMs).  Departments subject major blocks of expenditure to rigorous evaluation over a 3-year cycle.  By systematically analysing the performance of programmes, these reviews provide evidence to support more informed decisions about priorities between and within expenditure programmes. These evaluations are intended to be important sources of evidence for the Comprehensive Reviews of Expenditure. Each Department prepares a multi-annual VFM schedule, agreed with the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform, providing for review of strategic programmes over a three-year period. These programmes are agreed by Government. The government agreed a new program of Value for Money Reviews on the 14th of July 2015. The current round of VFMs covers 2015 to 2017. A number of areas have been identified for review and these are listed here.

Recent Rounds of VFMs

The links below provide lists of the VFMs carried out during each round.

2015 – 2017

2012 – 2014

2008 – 2011

2006 – 2008

2004 – 2006

2002 – 2004

2001 – 2002

1997 – 2001

VFM Tracker for 2015 – 2017 Round

The table below is intended to act as a tracker documenting the current status of each VFM in the 2015 – 2017 round. This tracker will be updated periodically with the current status of each VFM.

VFMR Tracker 2015-17

Latest update of VFMR Tracker 2015 – 2017:

VFMR Tracker 2015 – 2017 updated as of 13:00 02/05/2018

Additional Links

Complete list of VFMs: 1997 – 2014.