Spending Review 2017

The 2017 Spending Review is the first in a series of rolling, selective reviews, which will cover the totality of Government spending over a three year period to 2019. The results of the first year of this new approach are published with the Mid-Year Expenditure Report 2017. The objective of the review is to ensure that all Government expenditure is considered with regard to the principles of efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and impact.

The output for the 2017 Spending Review has two main elements with key sectoral trend analyses and individual topic papers.

The individual topic papers were selected to reflect key strategic/priority areas of expenditure, both in terms of the quantum of expenditure and the significance of the emerging policy challenges. The published output of the Spending Review is intended to contribute to a robust evidence base to inform policy making in the short and medium term.

The Spending Review framework and approach taken is in keeping with a range of other reform measures put in place to embed and improve the use of evidence in policy making across the public service, including the establishment of the Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Service, the development of the performance budgeting initiative and the Public Spending Code.

A number of the topic papers were undertaken, or supported, by IGEES staff and include papers on IGEES output, housing supports, climate change related research, acute hospital spending, pharmaceutical expenditure, the Environment Fund, special educational needs provision, further education and training and employment supports, enterprise supports, police expenditure, and funding for public transport. As such, the papers prepared for the Spending Review cover a wide range of policy areas and account for a significant proportion of current expenditure.

These papers can be found here.

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