Transport Trends 2020: An Overview of Ireland’s Transport Sector

The Strategic Research Analysis Division in the Department of Transport have published the 2020 edition of Transport Trends. The report is an annual overview of the main data and statistics from across the transport sector. The report primarily compiles information  up to 2019 which have previously been released. This is the sixth year the Department has produced Transport Trends.

There has been some changes to the document this year. The Energy and Emissions chapter was renamed Green Transitions, which presents changes made to reduce the CO2 emissions within the transport sector, and a COVID-19 chapter was included, which briefly highlights the initial impact of the pandemic on the transport sector. A more detailed analysis on the impact of the crisis on the Aviation, Maritime, and Land Transport sectors will not be fully included until the next iteration of Transport Trends.

This year’s edition of Transport Trends highlights changes across many transport domains in Ireland up to the end of 2019. This includes increases in the movement of people – by public transport, through our airports, and via cruise ships – and a decline in the volume of freight being moved by air and sea. However, it is important to be aware that much of the growth shown in this report is likely to be followed by decline in next year’s report as the impact of the pandemic on the transport sectors come to light.

The paper can be found here

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