Value for Money Review 2002 – 2004

Below is a list of the Value for Money Reviews which were completed during the 1997-2001 VFMR round. Links are provided to the VFMR where available. Please note that VFMR’s have been assigned to the Departments under which they were carried out. While care has been taken to ensure accuracy, the list below should be considered with this information in mind.

Where VFMR’s are marked N/a (not available), copies of the VFMR can be requested directly from the relevant Department.

Paper Title Department Review Period VFM Round Link to VFM
Social and Demographic Statistics Directorate Central Statistics Office N/a 2002 – 2004 Link
Home/School/Community Liaison Scheme Education N/a 2002 – 2004 N/a
IDA Ireland’s Property Programme Enterprise, Trade and Employment 1998 – 2002 2002 – 2004 N/a
Enterprise Ireland’s Overseas office network Enterprise, Trade and Employment N/a 2002 – 2004 N/a
Voluntary Housing Environment, Heritage and Local Government N/a 2002 – 2004 N/A
Charitable Lotteries Scheme Finance N/a 2002 – 2004 N/a
Valuation Office March 04 Finance N/a 2002 – 2004 N/a
Synthesis Report on the Expenditure Review of the Development Cooperation Ireland in Country Micro Projects Scheme Foreign Affairs N/a 2002 – 2004 N/a
Inhambane Provincial Development Programme Foreign Affairs N/a 2002 – 2004 N/a
Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance Scheme Social and Family Affairs 1990 – 2002 2002 – 2004 Link
Urban and Gealtacht School Meals Scheme Social and Family Affairs 1999 – 2001 2002 – 2004 Link
Social Welfare Payments to Orphans Social and Family Affairs N/a 2002 – 2004 Link
Report of the Working Group on the Review of Illness and Disability Payment Scheme Social and Family Affairs N/a 2002 – 2004 N/a
Air Services supported by the public service obligations Transport N/a 2002 – 2004 Link